I loved you all: The best of The Beatles

On my list you’ll see the Harrisong “Old Brown Shoe,” with its supple bass, tight harmonies, and acerbic solo; “Baby’s in Black,” employing waltz time and detachment; and at the top a Paul McCartney performance of grace and buttoned-down regret that keeps kitsch at bay thanks to a tough arrangement (Harrison’s terse, angry staccato strums, terrified of sentimentality). It’s the one Beatles song in the last six months to which I keep returning. Happy new year.

1. Things We Said Today
2. I’m Down
3. A Hard Day’s Night
4. Here Comes the Sun
5. It Won’t Be Long
6. This Boy
7. Don’t Let Me Down
8. Twist and Shout
9. Ticket to Ride
10. Strawberry Fields Forever
11. We Can Work It Out
12. I Want to Tell You
13. Boys
14. No Reply
15. She’s a Woman
16. Two of Us
17. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
18. Don’t Bother Me
19. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
20. For No One
21. I Feel Fine
22. Tomorrow Never Knows
23. Old Brown Shoe
24. Drive My Car
25. Come Together
26. Baby’s in Black
27. A Day in the Life
28. Penny Lane
29. I’m a Loser
30. In My Life
31. I’m So Tired
32. Revolution
33. Oh! Darling
34. Not Guilty
35. I Want to Hold Your Hand

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