As much as it pained me to dismiss …and the Anonymous Nobody last August, I suspect they’ll be back. I want them to stay back.

1. Ego Trippin’ (Part Two)
2. Brother (Native Tongue Decision)
3. Eye No
4. In the Woods
5. A Rollerskating Jam Called Saturdays
6. Breakadawn
7. All Good
8. Potholes in My Lawn
9. Bittie’s in the BK Lounge
10. I Am I Be
11. Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
12. 4 More
13. D.A.I.S.Y. Age
14. Verbal Clap
15. Plug Tunin’ (Original 12″ Version)
16. What We Do (For Love)
17. Shopping Bags
18. Me Myself and I
19. Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
20. Royalty Capes