Supporting your candidate by stabbing your own foot

You don’t say:

The Gallup survey data show that people living in some places that favored Mr. Trump’s election are likely to say there have been times in the last year when they did not have enough money for health care or medicine their family needed.

That was particularly true for those living in the African American South, Evangelical Hubs, Working Class County and Hispanic Centers, where 19% or more said that statement applied to them. Mr. Trump won three of those county types. Nationally, that figure was 15.6%.

People may say they don’t like the law or its costs, but what happens if changes to the law result in people losing coverage? That’s a question that probably can’t be answered until after the changes are made.

The Wall Street Journal article includes tables showing the counties where Obamacare has seen the biggest surge in enrollment. Guess what? Working class counties went to Trump by a forty-six percent margin. Meanwhile Donald Trump’s pick to head the Office of Management and Budget has brilliant ideas about reforming our social programs:

“We have to end Medicare as we know it. We have to fix it,” he said, while pushing back on the use of the term “voucher.” (Conservatives prefer to call their system “premium support.”)

Mulvaney wore his vote for the plan as a badge of honor.

“There was a group of Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted to dramatically overhaul Medicare and Medicaid and lightning did not strike us,” he said after a 2011 vote for Ryan’s plan. “If that is not a sign that maybe things can be different around here, I don’t know what is.”

He took this message with him to town halls, where he told constituents that he favored means-testing for Medicare and Social Security, while arguing that “we will never, ever balance the budget until we change entitlements.”

“You have to raise the retirement age, lower a pay-out, change the reimbursement system. You simply cannot leave it the way that it is,” he told Bloomberg News in 2011.

We’re in for it, folks. Yesterday I wrote emails to Senator Bill Nelson and Congressman Carlos Curbelo telling them to resist any effort to touch the Affordable Care Act and the social safety net; should Nelson, who is running for reelection in 2018 in the state with the nation’s highest population of seniors, show any hint of collaboration with Trump, I told him he can expect me to help a primary challenger with money and time.

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