Here’s a pint raised to the most elegant and lithest of R&B crossovers, suitable for parents and their children. What I wrote about the late Maurice White in February still stands: whatever Earth Wind & Fire comp in your collection is likely to be one of the greatest albums in your collection. They weren’t a singles band, though: That’s the Way of the World, All ‘n’ All, and Raise! are sturdy long players, and I’m still discovering the early records.

1. Fantasy
2. September
3. Serpentine Fire
4. Let’s Groove
5. That’s the Way of the World
6. Jupiter
7. Lady Sun
8. Sing a Song
9. Getaway
10. Shining Star
11. Got to Get You into My Life
12. Fall in Love with Me
13. Mighty Mighty
14. Can’t Let Go
15. Can’t Hide Love
16. I’ve Had Enough
17. Love’s Holiday
18. You & I
19. Let Me Talk
20. Africano