Stay focused: The best of the Drive-By Truckers

I included little from The Big To-Do and Go-Go Boots and nothing from A Blessing and a Curse and English Oceans. I don’t own Gangstabilly. I included lots from Brighter Than Creation’s Dark because to my ears it all comes teogether.

1. The Righteous Path
2. Marry Me
3. Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus)
4. Where the Devil Don’t Stay
5. Sink Hole
6. Days of Graduation
7. Puttin’ People on the moon
8. Self-Destructive Zones
9. Zip City
10. Tornadoes
11. Uncle Frank
12. Your Daddy Hates Me
13. Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife
14. Danko/Manuel
15. Used To Be A Cop
16. Surrender Under Protest
17. That Man I Shot
18. Bob
19. Hell No, I Ain’t Happy
20. Ronnie and Neil
21. The Southern Thing
22. Outfit
23. The Fourth Night of My Drinking
24. Perfect Timing
25. Cottonseed

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