To Russia, with cash

With the CIA confirming that the Russians were not playing nice with our election system, the revelation that Donald J. Trump’s top choice for secretary of state has his own ties to Russia is not, ah, reassuring:

Mr. Tillerson has worked to strengthen Exxon Mobil’s ties with Russia. The company has various joint ventures with the oil giant Rosneft around Russia, and has contributed to social programs in education and health. In 2012, the Russian government awarded Mr. Tillerson the country’s Order of Friendship decoration.

Western sanctions against Russia prohibiting the nation from certain energy development activities have slowed Exxon Mobil’s investments, particularly a joint venture with Rosneft that was supposed to start drilling for oil in the Kara Sea in 2014. Mr. Tillerson has spoken out against sanctions, in part because Exxon Mobil is unable to collect revenues from an investment in an oil and gas consortium it belongs to that operates off Sakhalin Island.

I mean, fuck this. The president-elect has not hidden his avarice. He has put together a Cabinet comprised of the worst grifters since the days of 1981 and probably 1920. We may see more divestment of public resources into private hands than any event since Teapot Dome, but I’ve no hopes of a moral outcry from an American public that claims a considerable percentage of citizens who wouldn’t believe the story even if they read it on Breitbart.

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