It’s the neeewww style: The best of Beastie Boys

I grew up with these boys. And I mean boys — in 1986 the girls loved True Blue, my friends loved Licensed to Ill. I loved both, the first signs that I was a future critic and gay. When a classmate in the sophomore year of high school stenciled BEASTIE BOYS on his art class pencil kit I thought, “Losers.” Then Check Your Head dominated college radio play in the late spring and summer of 1992. By the time of the release of the marginally superior Ill Communication, their comeback was complete. Hello Nasty was the best kind of consolidation: a polished retrenchment. I feel MCA’s death now more than I did six years ago, for an act that had pledged its troth to giving a new style to the old school of hip hop mic passing looked as mortal as the rest of us.

1. The New Style
2. Rhymin’ and Stealin’
3. Shake Your Rump
4. Intergalactic
5. Sabotage
6. Fight for Your Right
7. Cookie Puss
8. Johnny Ryall
9. Body Movin’
10. Paul Revere
11. Egg Man
12. She’s Crafty
13. Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
14. Get It Together
15. So What’cha Want
16. Sure Shot
17. Finger Lickin’ Good
18. Three MC’s and One DJ
19. Root Down
20. Super Disco Breakin’
21. Girls
22. Lee Majors Come Again
23. High Plains Drifter

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