You’re so gorgeous I’ll do anything: The best of The Cure

Although Robert and the Smiths scored only two American pop hits, ubiquity has given them the profile of a Foreigner or Coldplay. I saw this myself at a June live show. We’ll be hearing “Boys Don’t Cry until Robert Smith hobbles on stage with his black-painted walker.

1. A Night Like This
2. Boys Don’t Cry
3. Pictures of You
4. Shake Dog Shake
5. This Twilight Garden
6. High
7. Inbetween Days
8. Primary
9. Just Like Heaven
10. Why Can’t I Be You?
11. A Hundred Years
12. Throw Your Foot
13. A Forest
14. Close to Me
15. Jumping Someone Else’s Train
16. The Baby Screams
17. Sinking
18. 10:15 Saturday Night
19. How Beautiful You Are
20. All I Want
21. Speak My Language
22. A Man Inside My Mouth
23. Let’s Go to Bed
24. Open
25. Lullaby (Single Remix)
26. The Lovecats
27. The Hanging Garden
28. Snow in Summer
29. Just One Kiss
30. Kyoto Song
31. Friday I’m in Love
32. The Top
33. Faith
34. The Caterpillar
35. M
36. To Wish Impossible Things
37. Mr. Pink Eyes
38. Primary
39. Push
40. Icing Sugar
41. Never Enough
42. Give Me It
43. Lament
44. The Upstairs Room
45. Like Cockatoos

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