Our life together: The best of John Lennon

I’m far enough away from December 1980 to say that John Lennon, like his misbegotten mate George Harrison, peaked in the early seventies and spend the rest of the decade recording albums because he had to, in the same way that a janitor has to take out the trash before clocking out. Even Double Fantasy, the first boomer album acknowledging that hey-I’m-forty, boasted too many production reins and corsets to be what The Blue Mask and Freedom later were (for those who think “corsets” is sexist, Yoko’s Season of Glass and her songs on Milk & Honey convey the doubt of an independent mind compelled to play a role — like Lennon did). Yet the songs below form a solo career to be proud of. The guy sang and played guitar like no one else and took himself no seriously than a sixth grade teacher with a bald spot. Smarter than your sixth grade teacher though: his last interviews are a joy.

1. Instant Karma!
2. Working Class Hero
3. Crippled Inside
4. God
5. Well Well Well
6. #9 Dream
7. Watching the Wheels
8. Bless You
9. Cold Turkey
10. Nobody Told Me
11. Going Down on Love
12. I Don’t Want to Be a Soldier
13. Mother
14. I Don’t Want to Face It
15. Stand By Me
16. Woman is the Nigger of the World
17. Mind Games
18. Look at Me
19. How Do You Sleep?
20. Oh Yoko!
21. Why
22. Cleanup time
23. I’m Losing You
24. Serve Yourself
25. Jealous Guy

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