Will someone tell me what I’m doin’ wrong? The best of Miranda Lambert

Here’s to the era’s best popular record maker, whose new (double!) album creates a new benchmark for sustained vision in the double album format I thought was obsolete — this after Platinum had flattened me twenty-seven months ago. I didn’t even include Pistol Annies material in the following list, nor a couple of the co-writes on ex Blake Shelton’s EPs. First impressions matter, though; in the era of Gretchen Wilson, Martina McBride, and Dixie Chicks, “Kerosene” should’ve set the country chart aflame. Like “Orgasm Addict” and “Virginia Plain,” it’s a single that heralds a career by refusing to demarcate its span.

1. Kerosene
2. The House That Built Me
3. Maintain the Pain
4. Bathroom Sink
5. Me and Your Cigarettes
6. Gunpowder and Lead
7. Desperation
8. Things That Break
9. Guilty in Here
10. Me and Charlie Talking
11. Getting Ready
12. Pink Sunglasses
13. All Kinds of Kinds
14. I’ve Got Wheels
15. Only Prettier
16. Priscilla
17. Vice
18. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
19. Airstream Song
20. Baggage Song
21. Old Shit
22. Mama’s Broken Heart
23. Ugly Lights
24. Fine Tune
25. Hard Staying Sober

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