The next day: After such knowledge, what forgiveness?

I went to bed at 12:30 a.m. with Pennsylvania and Wisconsin looking uncertain. I slept for two full hours, awakened to tachycardia, from which I don’t suffer. Resisting the temptation to check my phone or turn on the TV, I forced myself to stay in one place until shortly after five.

Assurance congeals into smugness. As the evening got worse I sounded like the man standing on the burning house who wouldn’t save himself because he was waiting for God to do it.

I’m not sure why liberal reporters are reassuring themselves that President-elect Donald J. Trump will not endorse every important item in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s list. Forget the drool about “arranged marriages” and tensions – Trump and Ryan are politicians. With the Republicans keeping control of Congress, Merrick Garland will become a Wikipedia entry and the liberal minority better inject itself with B-12 in the hopes of staying alive for the next four years; the Iran nuclear deal may get its own bomb dropped on it; the Affordable Care Act will be shredded into toothpicks, with or without the sixty votes needed to shoo away a filibuster; the reduction of Social Security, in the name of “entitlement reform,” into an old age pension program for the aging men and women who voted for Trump.

As for the Democrats, the demographic and policy gains of the last eight years mean bupkis. The party has no leaders. After last night’s catastrophe, Barack Obama looks like Dwight Eisenhower: a popular president before and after he left office, such a singular phenomenon that he had no coattails (after four years of Democratic majorities in Congress, 1958 was an even worse disaster for Republicans). Remember: last night’s planned Senate victory for Dems was supposed to mitigate a dire 2018. Is there a category worse than “dire” for what 2018 will be?

Finally, to wish for “unity” and peace when Americans voted for a man who instead of a platform offered rancor and disharmony insults the millions of Americans who are not like you: Latinos, Muslims, queers (don’t believe me? Remember Mike Pence’s resume), women. Insisting, like a couple of gasbag pundits have already, that the Democrats have a white problem rebukes the minorities who overwhelmingly and in more than generous numbers supported Clinton. I don’t want to Stand Together to Help Heal the Nation when a TV star called Mexicans rapists and murderers and whose running mate once endorsed gay conversion therapy. I want to fight them. Time for House and Senate Dems to do unto Trump what Mitch McConnell and his gang did in January 2009 to Barack Obama.

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