Election Day eve: pre-Aperol edition

Early voting ended in Florida yesterday. The results are staggering:

Miami-Dade County Elections Supervisor Christina White reported 53,095 ballots cast, a number that shattered the county’s previous record of 42,810, set Friday.

Before that, Miami-Dade had never exceeded 39,400 in-person early voters in a single day; 40,051 voted Saturday, when much of the county was drenched in rain. Bad weather typically drives down turnout.

“This has no doubt been a record breaking election. Both in terms of overall turnout and because we broke the daily record today by more than 13,000 voters,” White said in a statement to the Miami Herald. “This coupled with minimal wait times has made early voting in Miami-Dade a success.”

In Broward County, 44,216 people voted Sunday, the highest total from the two weeks of early voting this year. The previous 2016 high, from Friday, was 36,276. On Saturday, 35,905 Broward residents voted, also despite persistent rain.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that “Souls to the Polls” campaigns did their work too. Listen with caution to reports about lower black turnout. Barack Obama is not on the ballot. Besides, other minorities of color are taking up the slack.

Here’s a beautifully rendered example of one of those minorities of color whom Donald Trump has despised since descending the Trump Tower elevator in June 2015. Dan Barry:

Consider all the items on that cart. Linens, magazines, water bottles, coffee, toiletries, tissues, glass cleaners, disinfectants, bathrobes, dusters, a vacuum, and assorted brushes, including one for the toilet and one for the crevices around the tub and shower.

Now consider the job itself.

“We make the beds, dust, vacuum, mop, fill the coffee, the creamer, the sugar,” Ms. Vargas says. “We wash the toilet, the bathtub, the shower, the Jacuzzi. Worst, sometimes, is the kitchen. We clean the kitchen.”

All in a half-hour. Nine, 10, 11 times a day.

Yesterday afternoon I told a friend that 2016 has been the campaign “most devoid of policy discussion” since 1988. I had, unwittingly, defined “discussion” as “three-minute clip introduced by NBC’s Lester Holt about Clinton’s college tuition reform.” Every major newspaper ran stories about the inequities of Donald J. Trump’s tax plan and, well, not much else because he has no plans of any kind.

But I forgot an oft-used rebuke of mine: abortion is not a “social issue.” If you can’t afford a baby, abortion stops being a goddamn social issue. “The one favor Trump did us was to be monstrous about the things that matter the most,” Slate’s Tommy Craggs writes. Issues for the likes of Cokie Roberts and Howard Fineman “are nothing more than a means of brand positioning.” “Entitlement reform” and “abortion” are OK but Trump’s pussy remark causes heart murmurs.

Owing to the presence of a Clinton at the top of the ticket, a great deal of the election was given over to an interrogation of the liberal assumptions formed during the 1990s, a decade the Democrats spent in a defensive crouch. On foreign policy, Clinton’s redbaiting of Sanders never found an audience, and every time Henry Kissinger’s support was adduced to an argument about Clinton’s foreign policy bona fides, another young lefty learned the lyrics to “The Internationale.” Clinton was hit repeatedly on her handling of Libya, first in the primary and later in the general election, revealing the extent to which a significant portion of the party and the country at large had left behind her discredited brand of adventurism abroad. Everyone remembers Khizr Khan, the Pakistani American father of a soldier slain in Iraq, waving his pocket Constitution at Trump from the podium of the Democratic National Convention. Don’t forget that moments later, the party sent out onto the stage a bellowing crewcut named John Allen, whose speech invoking the “forces of hatred, the forces of chaos and darkness” was exactly the sort of exhortative chest-pounding that landed Khan’s son in Iraq. He was interrupted repeatedly by chants of “No More War.”

Finally, James Comey did somebody a favor when deciding that thousands of duplicate emails make prosecuting the next president of the United States a complication after all. No cause for celebration, according to Charles Pierce, who trembles for what the next thirty hours might hold:

I would almost guarantee that this will re-ignite the rump faction of the FBI over which Comey demonstrably has no control. So, I would guess, the last 48 hours is going to be a frenzy of leaks, counter-leaks, charges, counter-charges, and energetic ratfcking of the professional and amateur varieties, all over a bullshit issue that never should have lasted longer than a single news cycle. Somebody get Comey off the warhead before he hurts somebody.

Stocked with a new bottle of Aperol and a spitshined shaker, my bar is ready for the Tuesday night warheads.

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