GOP: Dems aren’t legitimate

Living a neighborhood with Trump-Pence signs on manicured lawns is as dispiriting as friends who sprinkle cilantro on black beans and rice. Those of us whose habits of comportment include suppressing the urge to bludgeon fathers and aunts who wear “Trump Not Tramp” tees have endured fifteen months of hell. The Trump phenomenon brought to boil every resentment that these people have against us.

For Donald J. Trump’s rise wasn’t rooted in the economic instability of a dying class, as we’ve heard pundits aver repeatedly in attempts to cover their asses with the Hanes briefs of false equivalency. Look at his core support. Rage animates. The browning and the queering of the American electorate has sent a shudder down the Appalachian spine of Trump supporters; it is a honing of twenty-four years of odium towards a woman whose occasionally repugnant policy positions and Senate votes don’t adduce the source of the bottomless rancor. Democrats don’t deserve the White House. They don’t deserve to win majorities in the House. They don’t deserve the chance to nominate a Supreme Court justice. If Hispanic voters vote in record numbers, it must be evidence of a rigged system.

Thus, when as Drew Magary, who wrote a widely shared Deadspin piece today, explains the dimensions of the Trump loss, he also explains how 2018 and 2020 will unfurl:

The evidence right there in front of you, if you care to notice. Donald Trump has never led in an aggregate of polls for any significant stretch of time. He hasn’t personally raised any money for his campaign in over a month. He lost all three debates. He’s made virtually no effort to get his voters to the polls, instead relying on a Republican party that is being badly outspent and reduced to waging repugnant (and likely illegal) voter-suppression efforts that—despite being successful in some small areas—will ultimately turn legions more voters against them.

I will fight any Democrat on November 9 insisting that Trump was an aberration no matter how formidable the Clinton victory. The sane GOP that Paul Ryan represents in theory believes in every mooncalf idea in Ronald Reagan’s platform. After Trump loses on Tuesday night, this GOP will continue denying the legitimacy of Democrats. There is no sane GOP.

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