Playtime (Jacques Tati)
La Chinoise (Jean-Luc Godard)
Le Samourai (Jean-Pierre Melville)
Bonnie and Clyde (Arthur Penn)
Point Blank (John Boorman)
In the Heat of the Night (Norman Jewison)
Reflections in a Golden Eye (John Huston)
La Collectionneuse (Eric Rohmer, France)
Mouchette (Robert Bresson)
Love Affair; Or the Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator (Dusan Makavejev)


Belle de Jour (Luis Buñuel)
Weekend (Jean-Luc Godard)
Rosemary’s Baby (Roman Polanski)
Shame (Ingmar Bergman)
Pretty Poison (Noel Black)
Night of the Living Dead (George Romero)
Planet of the Apes (Franklin J. Schaffner)
Madigan (Don Siegel)
Les Biches (Claude Chabrol)
The Bride Wore Black (François Truffaut)
2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick)