The Wild Bunch (Sam Peckinpah)
Z (Costa-Gavras)
Army of Shadows (Jean-Pierre Melville)
Downhill Racer (Michael Ritchie)
Une Femme Douce (Robert Bresson)
My Night at Maud’s (Eric Rohmer)
The Sorrow and the Pity (Marcel Ophuls)
The Unfaithful Wife (Claude Chabrol)
Medium Cool (Haskell Weller)
Age of Consent (Michael Powell)


Gods of the Plague (Rainer Werner Fassbinder)
Claire’s Knee (Eric Rohmer)
Tristana (Luis Buñuel)
The Landlord (Hal Ashby)
The Wild Child (François Truffaut)
Wanda (Barbara Loden)
The Ballad of Cable Hogue (Sam Peckinpah)
Five Easy Pieces (Bob Rafelson)
The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (Vittorio de Sica)
The Butcher (Claude Chabrol)