The drip drip drip of semantic barbarism

It’s been a punishing campaign season. If any group besides American voters has endured the worst of the sucker punches, it’s those who believe in the purity of English. Here are six political cliches I hope get burned with Trump campaign signs.

drip drip drip

“If the drip, drip, drip of emails continues it could have a negative cumulative effect on Clinton,” said Michael Genovese, political scientist and president of the World Policy Institute at Loyola Marymount University. (Newsmax)

ground game

“The candidate veered off message, jumping from one controversy to the next, his poll numbers plummeted, and the ground game his campaign had long vowed to jumpstart with an injection of cash and resources languished.” (CNN)


“Something very interesting has happened over the past two weeks in the presidential campaign: Donald Trump has seized the momentum from Hillary Clinton and is climbing back into contention in both national and key swing state polling.” (Washington Post)


“There was a lot of skepticism about Trump’s latest purported pivot when he made Kellyanne Conway his campaign manager last month, but he has indeed pivoted. He is always going to be the same guy with the same idiosyncratic cluster of views — e.g., taking Iraq’s oil — but his campaign has done much more to get him in settings where he isn’t shouting, and that can only help him.” (Mother Jones)

Sister Souljah

“[Charlie] Sykes said he is still waiting for Clinton to reach out to Republicans with a ‘Sister Souljah moment’ — a reference to the time Bill Clinton impressed social conservatives with a provocative remark before Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition. In the 1992 incident, Clinton repudiated a hip-hop artist’s take on black-on-white violence.” (L.A. Times)

respect the political process

“In a horrifying threat to the American democratic process, Republican nominee Donald Trump refused to commit to accepting the results of the presidential election.” (Rolling Stone)

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