There must be ways to find out: The best of the Rolling Stones


I’m not sure what to say — that I like Between the Buttons and Dirty Work?

1. Moonlight Mile
2. Get Off Of My Cloud
3. Play With Fire
4. Gimme Shelter
5. Stray Cat Blues
6. Sway
7. Miss You
8. Hold Back
9. Under My Thumb
10. Rip This Joint
11. She Said Yeah
12. Cry to Me
13. Live With Me
14. Summer Romance
15. Memory Motel
16. Dead Flowers
15. Rocks Off
16. Respectable
17. Ventilator Blues
18. Sleep Tonight
19. Soul Survivor
20. When the Whip Comes Down
21. Yesterday’s Papers
22. Sweet Black Angel
23. Dirty Work
24. Salt of the Earth
25. She Smiled Sweetly
26. Neighbors
27. Before They Make Me Run
28. Let It Bleed
29. Laugh
30. Thru and Thru
31. 19th Nervous Breakdown
32. Almost Hear You Sigh
33. No Expectations
34. Time is On Our Side
35. Laugh, I Nearly Died
36. Moon Is Up
37. Loving Cup
38. Fool to Cry
39. Crazy Mama
40. My Obsession
41. Factory Girl
42. Just My Imagination
43. Heaven
44. We Love You
45. Mixed Emotions

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