Teach your children well: Clinton-Trump Town Hall

10:44. Chuck Todd and Nicole Wallace think he was better than last time b/c he got The Trump Base “elated.” What does it matter?

10:33. Someone disagrees:

Newt Gingrich


Trump is doing so well no Republican should ever again mentioning getting a new candidate. Trump is more than holding his own.

10:29. I wish the Democratic candidate I don’t like were killing him. She can’t improvise zingers. But two weeks ago she hung fire and let Trump self-immolate. After the last three days I suppose this will work.

10:26. Oh goodie we’ve moved on to the Supreme Court. Trump: “Justice Scalia. Great judge. Died recently.”

10:24. “I’m not unproud of that” re Twitter presence. Clinton campaign ad #345

10:23. Ugh — she can’t put away the question about Trump’s Twitter presence.

10:22. Sidney Blumenthal! Drink!

10:21. Trump: “She’s no Boy Scout.” Well, she can’t be.

10:20. Trump: “She has tremendous hate in her heart.”

10:15. When an elderly black man asks Trump about how he will untie the country, Trump responds as if the old man lives in, what, Detroit? The Bronx in 1979? This is the GOP problem 2016.

10:13. Clinton wants to arm Kurds? What kind of battle does she want to wage?

10:12. When Clinton talks, Trump turns his back to the camera like a man who can’t believe how much his stupid wife embarrasses him before the neighbors.

10:10: Martha Raddatz is too fucking close to the military for my taste and has been for years but she’s sonning Trump. What the FUCK is he talking about?

10:03. She’s not very good. Her Syria policy, such as it is, is incoherent. But building nuclear arms? Accusing Clinton of not knowing who the rebels are? No wonder the Donald Kagans and Andrew McCarthys in your party hate you.

9:59. Trump: “Depreciation is a wonderful charge. I use it all the time.”

9:58. Trump paid zero in taxes, meaning “zero for our military, zero for infrastructure, zero.” Clinton’s response. Clinton has friends in the same boat.

9:53. Trump’s answer to the question about getting the rich to pay their fair share rests on carried interest — and it could work. But he doesn’t explain what it is. Barack Obama and — ugh — Bill Clinton would have not only explained, but shown how the carried interest has destroyed a family of five in Topeka.

9:49. Now Clinton babbles about the greatness of Spielberg’s Lincoln and how the sixteenth president passed the Thirteenth Amendment. This consumes two minutes. If I use these sentences as prefaces, it’s due to Clinton’s avoiding a direct question about the Wikileaks info.

9:46. I wish she’d stop referring people to “HillaryClinton.com” as if it were 2000.

9:43. “The great Trojan Horse of all time.” “They don’t carry their weight but have all the money.”

9:38. He can’t eevn address a woman who asks a question about Islamophobia. He won’t reassure. He won’t comfort. It becomes a FOX News question about saying “radical Islam.”

9:37. “Block grants.” Here we go. The answer to health care we’ve heard since St. Ronnie ruled.

9:32. Not a good Clinton answer addressing the legitimate question about small business premiums and the Affordable Care Act. Her husband, I gotta say, would’ve poured empathy on this dude. Now Trump is boasting so who cares.

9:28. Steven Hyden ‏@Steven_Hyden 30s31 seconds ago

Surprised that Hillary is debating Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Trump.

9:25. The first time in modern history that a presidential candidate has threatened to sic federal prosecutors on a rival candidate — live on television.

9:21. Sidney Blumenthal! Drink!

9:18. Trump’s performance defines “bizarre.” With the snorting and baritone timbre he sounds embarrassed: embarrassed for apologizing; embarrassed for having to endure this bullshit; embarrassed that these fuckheads and losers surround him.

9:14. “This is who Donald Trump is.” As Clinton lays out an indictment against Donald Trump, with Trump glowering in split screen, I can hear the audience’s silence, if such a thing exists.

9:12. Well, that’s a pivot. ISIS, law and order, making America safe again — these things matter more than locker room talk.

9:10. “The African-Americans who are so great” — who talks like this?

9:07. A rather incoherent question about education I guess lets Clinton launch into a rehearsed answer in which she can flaunt her empathy; she even emulates her husband’s practice of asking the questioner a question (“Are you a teacher?”). Meanwhile Trump says he agrees with everything she says. He sounds like he has a head cold. Wonder why.

9:03. I’ve been watching these thing since 1992 and I can’t remember a tenser atmosphere.

9:00. Erick Erickson ‏@EWErickson 1m1 minute ago

I have made sure my kids won’t be watching this debate. Don’t want them to be disappointed in the country.

8:50. “This is the first debate in modern times where parents may not want their children to hear the discussion” — go to hell, Michael Bechloss. It’s revolting when pundits decide what’s adult.

8:32. It’s fucking bullshit that because GOP men feel sorry for their moms, daughters, and sisters they can ignore the Muslims, Mexicans, gays, poor, blacks, and every other constituency that they’ve shat on in my lifetime. NOW it’s okay to renounce Trump? Fuck you. You’ve never shown compassion a second in your life for people unlike you. They don’t give a shit about their moms and daughters because they don’t understand how their moms and daughters might not have been able to pay for children; they don’t understand how adoption is in a real sense an abortion and worse: you have given up a child you have already conceived.

8:31 p.m. I wish we would stop treating Trump as an aberration. He is not. I’ve been writing about this for sixteen months. This is the GOP I’ve dealt with since January 1981. Every time a Reaganite proposed “block grants” to give “local control” to welfare or housing policy it meant “fuck the blacks who aren’t voting for us anyway.” If Clinton had any sense she’d hang this rubber tire around the GOP’s necks and set it on fire.

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