Trump and LGBT voters

Like Asian Americans, gays would seem a constituency that would lean Republican because, so the thinking goes, we’re rich, like nice things, and don’t want to pay taxes. The reality is complicated. Most studies don’t include ethnic breakdowns of gay respondents of surveys; the result is, guess what, the respondents tend to be white college-educated men.

Besides, most LGBT men and women will not support a party that for decades refused to endorse work discrimination bills, marriage rights, and AIDS research. I don’t know what is so complicated. To placate the evangelical vote without whom no Republican can win, Trump chose as his running mate the governor who signed a bill allowing proprietors to keep men with lisps who mince out of their businesses. None of this matters to what this Out article calls a minority of a minority. And, boy, are they sad.

Charles Moran, a Trump delegate at the Republican National Convention, admits that it’s sometimes difficult to understand what Trump actually believes, but he also thinks the vitriol targeted at queer Republicans who support the nominee has gotten excessive.

“The righteous indignation basically slut-shames people for supporting Trump,” Moran says of the reaction from some liberals. Tall and thick with blond hair and a deep, enunciated voice, Moran is a longtime Republican fundraiser and event planner. We met at a coffee shop in Los Feliz, a liberal neighborhood east of Hollywood.

Moran’s gay friends have learned over the years to overlook his contrarian views, but some, he says, have come on board for Trump. One couple he knows well—white, upper-middle-class, “new landowners”—recently told Moran that they were supporting Trump because they can’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary Clinton. Moran feels that “[Trump’s] level of authenticity is what’s driving people to him.”

“He’s a successful person. I feel he possesses the character and personality traits that will make a strong president… He didn’t walk in and make a certain set of promises, and then not keep them,” Moran says.

As stupid and deluded as Moran is about “strength” and keeping promises, the use of “slut shaming” in this context should embarrass anyone over the age when Mom prepared peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for school. Donald Trump’s saying nice things about gays is as meaningful as the selfie with the taco bowl. I expect him to say, “Gay people? They’re great. Tremendous people. Some of these guys — have you seen them? Beautiful guys. Beautiful. If I swung that way, I’d hit on them.” It occurred to none of these people that after the Pulse shooting in June, Trump tried pitting the gay community against Muslims as if there were no such thing as gay Muslims. This must be the strength that Charles Moran has in mind.

The Clintons have played dirty pool when it comes to LGBT matters too, most recently when the triangulating Hillary, always on the hunt for new votes, said twaddle about Nancy Reagan and AIDS. But it’s 2016, and LGBT activists don’t need Michaelangelo Signoriles anymore to get a Democratic candidate’s ear

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