‘You must change your albums’


Rock critics who are liberals tend — I can’t stress enough the hesitation in that verb — to have tastes I can understand more than liberals who like rock music. The latter tend to like Americana, ignore R&B unless it’s of the cryogenic Leon Bridges kind, and blame their kids for not following hip hop and pop stars. Imagine my relief when bspencer of Lawyers Guns & Money posted this list of Albums That Changed My Life:

Duran Duran–Duran Duran
Stevie Wonder–Musicquarium
The Beastie Boys–Paul’s Boutique
Public Enemy–It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Fishbone–Truth and Soul
Redd Kross–Third Eye
Red Hot Chili Peppers–Mother’s Milk
Jane’s Addiction–Nothing’s Shocking
Bryan Ferry–Bete Noire
Arrested Development–3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life of…

Well. Generally speaking, the sort of person who loves Arrested Development’s debut does not return Duran Duran’s affection, much less their debut’s. Stevie Wonder’s Original Musiquarium I, Jane’s Addiction, and Public Enemy I get; Fishbone and Redd Kross define “idiosyncratic” choices, but they’re honest, for I understand how a young man or woman of a certain age would regard’em as gatekeepers. But Bete Noire! Not Avalon or even Boys + Girls, but the brittle, trebly British and American flop helmed by Madonna’s producer.

Here are ten of mine:

Public Image Ltd. – Second Edition
Peter Gabriel – So
Prince – 1999
Roxy Music – Street Life: 20 Great Hits
Miles Davis – Get Up With It
Journey Into Paradise: The Larry Levan Story
Madonna – Erotica
Rosanne Cash – Rhythm and Romance
Ghostface Killah – Supreme Clientele
Peter Murphy – Deep

Top that.

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