Debate #1 post-mortem

Last night I learned to drink a marvelous gin and Aperol concoction. This morning I learned that if Hillary Clinton looks assured, talks as if she has the facts at her command, and smiles she is smug. “Smug, composed, and not attractive” in the words of Brit Hume, the long-faced basset hound who took over the departed Greta Van Sustern’s FOX News show because he thinks he’s working for a network instead of a support group for imbeciles.

The polls won’t change much, but the debate did more than I could’ve imagined: I doubt any of the six independents watched last night and said, “I’m voting for Trump.” She wasn’t going to persuade Trump-or-die voters, he wasn’t going to peel any of hers off — she just had to make him look moronic to undecideds. “I’m not sure this is any game changer,” Josh Marshall wrote this morning using my favorite jargon. “It simply confirms what a lot of people already know: Trump is not suited to be President. Clinton is competent, prepared and in this exchange buoyant and dynamic.”

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