‘She didn’t understand how misogyny worked’

If I got this right, Hillary Clinton tonight must be “funny,” “sweet,” “lighthearted,” “commanding,” and “presidential”; she must “avoid lecturing” the audience, as one of the identikit FOX News commentators remarked a couple days ago; she can’t cough. Donald Trump by contrast must be “presidential” and…that’s it. Female debaters understand:

After one of her first elimination rounds at a national tournament, Georgetown freshman Caroline Wohl was approached by a coach who attempted to compliment her performance by saying, “You debate how a girl should.” Northwestern sophomore Gillian Grossen and her female debate partner were competing against an all-male team at a national tournament; during a segment in which all the competitors could simultaneously question one another, one of her opponents attempted to quiet the room by saying, “Girls, girls, settle down.” During a debate about limits on free speech, a male opponent told Ellie Grossman, a senior at the Blake School in Minnesota, that she didn’t understand how misogyny worked.

Mella says that she countered a “ridiculous argument about hormones and cows” with some scientific information, to which her male opponent replied, “You sure know your science, girl.” Male competitors in the Miami Beach area had a running joke that Mella was secretly a man, theorizing that she wrapped a penis around her leg. (How else to explain that a woman had beat them all and won the Florida state championship?) McCarthy once lost a round because a judge said she was not calm enough — even though her male partner is more aggressive than her.

And it’s going to get worse.

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