Here we go : Clinton-Trump Debate #1

10:45: “Smug, composed, and not attractive” — fuck you, Brit Hume. And that was a compliment.

10:43. NRO and FOX News are imploding.

10:33. Negative ads! So unfair! Not nice! He just accused a female canddiate of lacking stamina; when corrected, he says she has “experience” but the “wrong” kind.

10:26. “Your president” — how the GOP has looked at Barack Obama for seven years.

10:24. If I’m not recording enough of Clinton’s responses, blame the degree to which she’s stuck to liberal interventionist boilerplate. I’ve heard twaddle about “allies” and “NATO and 9-11” too many times. I know plenty of people for whom a presidential candidate admitting that he “hasn’t thought much about NATO” is a plus.

10:19. Sean Hannity said VERY STRONGLY that — what?

10:14. After three minutes of twaddle that sounded like English syllables, Trump wonders why “we” didn’t take the oil again. As my friend Chris Towers wrote, “And we’re at the point of the program where he advocates for war crimes.”

10:10. “A four-hundred-pound” person may be responsible for the hacking. He can’t talk without offending somebody.

10:07. I suspect his behavior reflects an anxiety to get a rise out of the crowd; without applause, he wilts.

10:06. Snorting, sniffing, scowling, Trump can’t discuss policy without using it as a mirror reflecting his magnanimity and business acumen.

10:02. So it’s come to this in a debate: instead of addressing how to deal with racism, he discusses a birth certificate.

10:01. Donald Trump’s people are deleting his tweets as I type.

9:59: Clinton: “You know what else I did, Donald? I prepared to be president.”

9:54. I should point out that my public university our police chief has acknowledged that his force is working on changing its thinking.

9:52. It’s not good politics to mention how crime’s going down if you’re a victim of it, but I can’t believe he just snorted at the idea of “vibrant black communities.”

9:51. “A very against police judge.”

9:50. “We have gangs roaming the street, and in many cases they’re illegally here, they’re illegal immigrants. And we have to be very vigilant.” So Mexicans are decimating African Americans.

9:45: Trump: “If I don’t get there one way, I’m going to get to Pennsylvania Avenue another”

9:42. Trump: “I built an unbelievable company. In Europe and lots of places. I built an unbelievable company.”

9:41. He’s admitted to not paying people for completing jobs, terrible or not.

9:34. Trump not paying taxes: “That makes me smart!”

9:32. I’m not sure I can keep going. Trump is boasting about how much income he can declare. She just lost an opening to destroy him about how much income he declares

9:29. This is even better than I expected. He can’t control himself. Twice he’s been told to shut up.

9:27. The allusions to her website are so 2003.

9:26. She’s been fighting ISIS her whole life!

9:23. He’s already lost his cool.

9:19. I’m not sure she can support “standards” in trade deals, so she ducks by saying we’ll hold a “special prosecutor” to, what, go after bad partners?

9:18. Donald J. Trump

NBC News just called it the great freeze – coldest weather in years. Is our country still spending money on the GLOBAL WARMING HOAX?

3:48 PM – 25 Jan 2014

9:17. “That’s called business, by the way” — first Trump interruption.

9:15. What’s with Trump’s snorting?

9:14. “Secretary Clinton. I want you to be happy.” First note of condescension.

9:12. Clinton sharply differentiating between her background and Trump; she mentions her father’s drapery industry, even mentions “squeegee” without stumbling. She’s baiting him. Meanwhile Trump mentions “renegotiating our trade deals.”

9:09: Well. Donald Trump said he agrees with Hillary Clinton about the number of jobs disappearing overseas.

9:08. Clinton: “Donald, good to be with you!”

9:04. Good luck, Marco Rubio!

9:03. The three-minute delay was to force liberals to faint before they could volunteer to help Hillary Clinton.

8:56 p.m.: NBC’s Lester Holt is so nervous that his saliva is slapping against the roof of his mouth like a rubberband.

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