Dahlia Litwick with what will make Hillary Clinton’s Monday night harder:

As a former debater myself, I did feel like there is one useful area of focus for Clinton that hasn’t been adequately covered by the media: She will be debating an asshole. There has been much rumination on how challenging it will be for her to debate someone who has no policy positions, and doesn’t know stuff. We worry about the double standard around her clothes and voice. There has been a good deal of throat-clutching over the possibility that he will goad her into losing her cool. But it seems to me the real challenge for Clinton is that she must stand on a stage and debate the single most awful political person in modern American consciousness. Trying to stifle the impulse just to walk across the stage and belt him in the face would seem an insurmountable task. Add to that the fact that Clinton is expected to speak and listen, and it seems beyond human capability.

All I need to read.