‘The market will take care’ of climate change

I have friends and relatives, disgusted with what they think is the perfidy of the two party system, who take Gary Johnson seriously. Many of them are disillusioned Republicans who want to vote for a president. These men and women are more honest, for the Libertarian Party nominee offers undiluted Republicanism served fresh, hot, and delicious:

In an August interview with the Los Angeles Times, he announced he was “open” to the idea of the federal government imposing a revenue-neutral tax on carbon emissions. Economists have long viewed a carbon tax as the most efficient way of putting a price on greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to limit warming—many see it as preferable to the complex cap-and-trade proposal backed by President Barack Obama during his first term. In a subsequent interview on CNBC, Johnson called a carbon tax a “very libertarian proposal” under which “the market will take care of” climate change. (During the Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders endorsed a carbon tax; Clinton did not.)

Many Libertarians and conservatives were outraged by Johnson’s sudden embrace of a carbon tax. “It’s Official: Gary Johnson Is a Left-Wing Candidate,” declared the Federalist, a conservative publication. After plenty of public criticism from the right, Johnson changed his mind, telling supporters at a New Hampshire rally that after considering a carbon tax, “I have determined that, you know what, it’s a great theory, but I don’t think it can work, and I’ve worked my way through that.” His flip-flop drew loud applause from the crowd.

Let me note that earlier thsi summer the Johnson-Weld ticket had been open to the thought of a carbon tax until no-government petri dishes like The Federalist accused them of heresy. Because the Johnson-Weld ticket tells hard truths.

Floridians who don’t consider sea level rise a problem should speak to the Republican mayor of Miami-Dade County, or, better, stay on Miami Beach’s West Avenue during King Tide.

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