I love you very very very much: Best of Paul McCartney

What’s there to say? No other boomer reveled in goofball nonsense. He avoided importance like cats do young children. His generation asked too much of him. Here’s the best he could have done.

Jet (Band on the Run)
Take It Away (Tug of War)
Arrow Through Me (Back to the Egg)
Eat at Home (Ram)
No More Lonely Nights (Give My Regards to Broad Street)
Every Night (McCartney)
Say Say Say (Pipes of Peace)
Press (Press to Play)
We Got Married (Flowers in the Dirt)
Sally G (B-side of “Junior’s Farm”)
Letting Go (Venus and Mars)
Figure of Eight (Flowers in the Dirt)
Heart of the Country (Ram)
Mrs. Vanderbilt (Band on the Run)
Ever Present Past (Memory Almost Full)
Listen to What the Man Said (Venus and Mars)
My Brave Face (Flowers in the Dirt)
Another Day (single)
Secret Friend (McCartney II, Special Edition)
This One (Flowers in the Dirt)
Wanderlust (Tug of War)
Hi Hi Hi (single)
Goodnight Tonight/Daytime Nighttime Suffering (single)
No Other Baby (Run Devil Run)
Country Dreamer (B-side of “Helen Wheels”)
One of These Days (McCartney II)

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3 Responses to I love you very very very much: Best of Paul McCartney

  1. spiritof1994 says:

    TAKE IT AWAY!!!! yesss

  2. Brian says:

    Made a playlist out of this and I can’t stop listening to it. It’s the ultimate McCartney guilty pleasure songs. The ones that weren’t hits, but if you paid attention they were so crazy they were good. Also loved your essay on ‘Press to Play’.

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