Advice for the faint of heart


If tightening polls in battleground states, the Clinton team’s lack of full disclosure about what looks like walking pneumonia, and the phrase “basket of deplorables” scares you, then you need a strong man shaking your arm. Your hysteria is unbecoming and familiar. Little in the electoral map has changed, as yesterday’s ABC News/Washington Post poll revealed. Possibly odious relatives clogging your Facebook feed have annoyed you. Remember when you drove to work in October 2012 and counted the Romney signs on neighbors’ lawns? It feels lonely, right?

Let’s start with basic facts. Donald Trump is not flipping Oregon. He is not flipping Virginia. Hillary Clinton will not flip Georgia, but here’s the news: she and Trump are tied. This news is more significant. Assuming that Clinton loses Iowa, which I am not, and assuming that she will have to fight for Florida, which she will nevertheless win, his path to 270 remains, as they say, challenging. The demographics aren’t on his side. He will not convert Obama supporters with the wizardry of his positions on the Fed. He will not force an Obama voter to change his or her mind because he wants to vaporize the survivors of terrorists.

But if you still need an outlet for your anxiety, I’ve got advice. Volunteer at your closest Hillary Rodham Clinton field office. Ring doorbells. Take elderly citizens to early voting spots. Why? Not only will you have applied a wet towel to your choleric brow, but you’ll get a chance to see with your own eyes whether Clinton’s much vaunted ground operation is as world-class as we’ve been told. Armed with this knowledge, you can hit Facebook and moan the strength of the Trump campaign. Otherwise keep the purchase of smelling salts to yourself.

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