GOP greet Clinton presidency with relief: it’s business as usual


Should Hillary Rodham Clinton take the oath of office next January, the GOP paladins whom she’s courting will return to their most comfortable posture: hating Clinton for not being a conservative, hating Clinton because she’s a Clinton. Check this dude out:

“In any other election, the majority of national security Republicans would be going after her, and I would be enthusiastically doing so,” said Kori Schake, a veteran of George W. Bush’s National Security Council and State Department, and an adviser to Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. “She wasn’t a particularly good secretary of state; the lack of judgment on emails was a shock to a lot of us. She rightly criticized the Bush administration for its failures creating stability in Iraq — and made the exact same mistake herself on Libya.”

Schake is on the long and growing list of Republicans who have said they plan to support Clinton this fall. But many of those Republicans for Hillary don’t want a vote against Trump to be confused with any newfound love for Clinton.

“A lot of us would like to hold her accountable for the failures, but we are holding our fire,” Schake said. “It’s because all of us are afraid of Trump. If she wants to maintain our support after, she’s going to have to address our policy concerns about the economy and America’s role in the world.”

I won’t link to the story. Why POLITICO thinks a Bush II hack who worked for the two departments most responsible for the fiercest and most unnecessary conflagration in Middle Eastern history deserves anything but handcuffs is a question I hope the divine spheres answer someday, but then it won’t matter because George Stephanopoulos’ green room will be underwater.

This is better:

Republican operatives on the Hill, for instance, are already planning to block Clinton’s agenda by strategically targeting individual Democratic senators who will be up for reelection in 2018. “Take Joe Manchin in West Virginia,” explained one GOP operative of the strategy. “If Hillary puts up an anti-coal, pro-EPA judge for the Supreme Court, the smart play is to start pressuring him with an advocacy campaign to vote no.” Voting with Clinton would jeopardize his reelection chances, and voting against her would rob her of a Democratic Senate vote she couldn’t afford to lose without the 60 votes needed to filibuster.

His work on gun reform aside, Joe Manchin as governor of and senator from West Virginia has demonstrated fealty to Joe Manchin and the fossil fuel industries that have turned the state into your recyling bin after a party. Granting an apparatchik anonymity to utter the world’s feeblest threat is POLITICO at its finest.

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