Singles 8/19


– My first Vietnamese winner!

– I’m often cool towards leaked tracks or first singles. I may have underrated Sleigh Bells’ “Hyper Dark.”

– What the Chainsmokers said inspired the writing of “Closer”: “I went to school in Syracuse with all these super wealthy girls that I was enamored with at first because it was so foreign to me because of where I was from in my Podunk town in Maine. I was just so unimpressed with them. I got to know them and slept with them and all that stuff, so I wanted to write a really unsexy sex song. Shawn Frank, who’s our extremely talented friend, him and I had this idea for a song. We sat down and kind of made up a story about meeting your ex-girlfriend in a bar and being so drunk with her and talking about the hookup in a very vivid way, like, ‘Holy shit, we’re hooking up and I know everything about you either for better or for worse..’”

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Soobin Hoàng Sơn – Lalala (7)
iLe – Te Quiero con Bugalú (7)
DJ Khaled ft. Jay-Z & Future – I Got the Keys (7)
Hey Violet – Brand New Moves (6)
Glass Animals – Life Itself (6)
Sigur Rós – Óveður (5)
Sleigh Bells – Hyper Dark (4)
Kaleo – Way Down We Go (4)
Hailee Steinfeld & Grey ft. Zedd – Starving (4)
Cher Lloyd – Activated (2)
DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber – Let Me Love You (2)
DJ Mustard ft. Nicki Minaj & Jeremih – Don’t Hurt Me (2)
The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey – Closer (1)
Tiësto ft. John Legend – Summer Nights (1)

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