For LGBT students ‘heartbreaking’ levels of violence at school


A study completed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirms what many of us who are gay and/or work with LGBT students: they’ve got it bad and it has gotten worse. The NYT summarizes:

These children were three times more likely than straight students to have been raped. They skipped school far more often because they did not feel safe: at least a third had been bullied on school property. And they were twice as likely as heterosexual students to have been threatened or injured with a weapon on school property.

More than 40 percent of these students reported they had seriously considered suicide, and 29 percent had made attempts in the year before they took the survey. The percentage of those who use various illegal drugs was many times greater than heterosexual peers. While 1.3 percent of straight students said they had used heroin, for example, 6 percent of the gay, lesbian and bisexual students reported having done so.

The raw data:

Being physically forced to have sex (18% LGB vs. 5% heterosexual)
Experiencing sexual dating violence (23% LGB vs. 9% heterosexual)
Experiencing physical dating violence (18% LGB vs. 8% heterosexual)
Being bullied at school or online (at school: 34% LGB vs. 19% heterosexual; online: 28% LGB vs. 14% heterosexual)

Although the report acknowledges that “sexual contact” is vague and the surveyed were still in school, it nevertheless refutes the belief among conservatives and even complacent liberals that It Gets Better.

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