Sean Hannity’s ‘oily self-absolution’

To upset conservative columnists, just sic Sean Hannity on’em. Bret Stephens, not a columnist I quote ordinarily, loses his savoir faire after watching Hannity’s latest Trump-inspired contortions.Dismissing Hannity’s “oily self-absolution” and “venomous obloquy,” Stephens gives the FOX News anchor a tour through constitutional history:

Mr. Hannity’s other goal is to preserve the fiction—first cultivated by Ted Cruz and later adopted by the Trumpians—that a wan GOP “establishment” and its “Acela corridor” voters sat on their hands while Mr. Obama traduced the Constitution and sold us out to the enemy. “They did nothing, nothing!” the anchor fumed Thursday on his show. “All these phony votes to repeal and replace ObamaCare, show votes so they go back and keep their power and get re-elected.”

Maybe Mr. Hannity thinks that Messrs. Ryan and McConnell should have jumped the White House fence and stuck a pitchfork in the president. Or that they should have amended the Constitution to repeal Article One, Section Seven—the one that gives the president his veto. Otherwise, it’s hard to understand the constant lament about a do-nothing Congress except by wondering whether Mr. Hannity is stupid or dishonest.

Stephens stopped wondering. Hannity is stupid and dishonest. At the turn of the millennium when I still lived at home even my parents couldn’t stand his sincerity. At least Bill O’Reilly had the mien of a TV repairman. He was a recognizable type.

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