Too late for the second look

I’m surprised that Marcy Wheeler of all people can correctly diagnose the problems with the jingoism of last week’s Democratic National Convention yet write the following: “[Trump] does want to spend lots on infrastructure and protect workers from the ravages of globalization, something often forgotten in depictions of him as entirely policy free.” What in Anne’s green gables has Donald Trump, whose idea of a deal is to try to wriggle out of it to save money, done to earn that trust?

But she worries about neocon ties to Hillary Clinton, a candidate whose support for Israel and Saudi Arabia is unquestioned beyond the pieties about two-state solutions. After all, the American media, political and otherwise, yawned when the NYT reported that American air strikes in Libya have resumed. Then she worries about what she calls the “heinous billionaire” crowd getting press: Mark Cuban, Mike Bloomberg, Meg Whitman, others, I’m sure, in the next weeks. I understand the political calculation behind letting Bloomberg speak, but the DNC miscalculates his name recognition and his charm, both of which are nil. As polls in swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania show Clinton zooming away from Trump and the Senate looks ever more like ripe, hanging fruit, the Dems’ understandable greed for a complete victory starts to warp principles. The most liberal platform of my lifetime will look like pretty paper if the Dems win Utah and Missouri. Should she try to govern like the liberal she was forced to be, the backlash from these newly purple race might turn 2018 into another 2010 debacle; call it a repeat of the Rahm Emmanuel strategy of wooing Blue Dog Dems in red states. The results?

Democrats, it appears, want to become the party of the Republican soccer mom, which may work well with the bellicose warmongering, but which seems to view economic malaise as an opportunity rather than a problem.

So yeah, by all means, let’s beat the orange crazy man.

But let’s also be cognizant of the more politically palatable craziness that gets embraced in the process.

It doesn’t matter though. The weeks after a convention aren’t the time to question the candidate on whom the party just bestowed the nomination. It’s too late.

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One Response to Too late for the second look

  1. M. Weiner says:

    The jingoism of last week’s Dem convention? Really?

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