DNC, Day 4: Love trumps (!) hate?

11:34. A lawyer in spirit if not heart, Clinton isn’t a natural nor should she be — she’s married to the Black Hole of Empathy; her boss was the best presidential orator of his generation. Again, I can say nothing to the thousands of women in the crowd who adored it and her. She should be president, not Donald Trump. She has a left flank watching her every move, the same way the right did George H.W. Bush in 1988. I can’t remember the last time this happened — 1972? 1948?

11:17. It just hit me: what other presidential forebears can Clinton use? Obama can look at Bill, Reagan, JFK, FDR, William Jennings Bryan, Henry Clay, and what have you. Who can Hillary study?

11:14. The Israel, NATO, and climate change references have taken place in a hundred words.

11:07. I can’t remember another presidential nominee mentioning a rival so late in a speech like Clinton just did regarding student debt.

11:06. “Our economy isn’t working the way it should because our democracy isn’t working the way it should.”

11:03. “I believe in science!” she yells. We have to say this in 2016, not 1926.

10:57. I realize I’m kinda sick of criticizing her. All these dudes like me criticizing her. The women in the audience are overjoyed. And they’re right to be overjoyed.

10:53. Most commentators are men. They expect PASSION. No American woman’s ever been in Hillary Clinton’s position.

10:41. Ooof. Painful. She can’t stop a predictable Powerpoint 101 sing-song. When the crowd chants her name, she doesn’t even pause — she talks past them. About Trump she actually pronounced the clause thusly, “ISN’T SHE FOH-GET-TING THE POLICE OFFICERS?”

10:35. Bernie Sanders looks wary if not afraid of what his supporters might do. A “progressive platform into real change for America” is a phrase I never thought I’d hear a Clinton say — or a Democrat for that matter.

10:33. What’s up with her stresses?

10:28. Hillary looks nervous. Again, it’s appropriate. OF all the thousands of words I’ve written about the Clintons, let me allow myself this moment of pathos, What the fuck must she be thinking?

10:24. The most humane moments I’ve seen of Hillary Clinton happened last night when it looked obvious to me that she was clearly, powerfully moved by Obama’s speech; in response, she approached him slowly and lay her cheek against his lapel and closed her eyes. I can’t imagine any moment in American history in which formal rivals closed ranks so intimately.

10:22. “President Bush said what do you need?” “Twenty billion dollars.” “You got it.” Bipartisanship.

10:21. Clinton’s mom sounds formidable.

10:15. She does have an infectious laugh; it has something to do with her liking a good stiff drink.

10:15. Of course Hillary’s gonna be president — Morgan Freeman’s doing the voice-over.

10:14. Chelsea reminds me of Margaret Thatcher or Cate Blanchett in Lord of the Rings: “Look at me and tremble, motherfuckers.”

10:11. Mr Gingrich said we will bury you
I don’t subscribe to this point of view
It would be such a beautiful thing to do
If the Clintons read to their children too

10:08. “I never had to worry about a safe neighborhood. They taught me to care about what happens in the world.” Chelsea Clinton sounds like Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing talking about the Peace Corps.

10:07. “When [Hillary Clinton] went to France to examine their child care system” is an odd sentence.

10:06. The Clintons sure love autobiography.

10:03. In twenty-four years of mild acquaintance, I’ve never heard Chelsea Clinton speak.

9:59. Cutaways show Bill Clinton and Tim Kaine deep in conversation, presumably about replacing Katy Perry with Jessie Ware for 2020’s convention.

9:56. Well, this performance should please the Human Rights Campaign gays.

9:54. “I don’t have a formal education. But I have a voice,” Katy Perry warns the crowd before reducing them to pebbles with her singing. She says something about Hillary Clinton dresses in her closet and Iowa.

9:52. Sorry, y’all. I was introducing The Fury at a De Palma film festival. I watched Xavier Becerra, forming part of what MSNBC commentator Joy Reid calls without irony the “extravagant display of patriotism” seen this evening. This includes a Pakistani citizen whose son died in service. “Have you even read the U.S. Constitution?” Khizr Khan asks the crowd of Trump, and I can hear the gasp.

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