DNC, Day 2: I got Jeff Nichols out of the way

President Barack Obama and his family and Vice President Joe Biden and his family celebrate their nominations as the confetti falls at the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

10:59. “You people have made history,” Meryl Streep said, like Joan Baez at Live Aid, making praise sound like admonishment.

10:54. Rachel Maddow: “For those who expected a feminist convention,” listen to the first half of the speech.

10:48. “One is real; the other is made up.” Well, he got one of those right.

10:37. …and he’s made Tom De Lay human, for god’s sake. He called him “House minority leader” though.

10:32. I suspect, as usual with this guy, that we’ll sneer and the crowd will love it. That’s how it was in the ’90s.

10:24. Checking states off a list, dropping references to her work with disabled citizens and children and starting a legal aid clinic in Arkansas, wagging that finger like a conductor’s baton, grandpa chuckles — he’s weaving cornball shit and political fictions into a narrative that many Democrats and pundits will sponge up.

10:16. Fact checkers: Mona Charen @monacharenEPPC Hillary did not have blond hair in her youth. She was a brunette.

10:16. It’s corny but his rhythms are unerring.

10:10. No Fleetwood Mac = blessing.

10:10. I don’t ahve the space or energy to refute the claims these video actors are making about Bill Clinton.

10:04. I’m feeling my usual ughhhs coming on when Bill Clinton’s on the teevee.

9:56. Ladies and gentleman…Madeline Albright (Meryl Streep)!

9:48. There’s probably no bar at the Wells Fargo Center.

9:45. Meryl Streep? After Bill Clinton? Has she been promised a fourth Oscar?

9:01. No need to mention foreign policy yet — not when the RNC defined “foreign policy” as “aim Death Star at Syria.” When 9-11 victims praise Clinton for securing aid, the symbolism is more potent: here are consequences of foreign policy.

8:32. Black lives matter, the arena chants. The differences between Clinton and Sanders disappear. These are the people whose lives will matter less during a Trump administration.

8:21. In the foul remnants of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s legacy called National Review Online, several posters early last week sniffed at liberal and Beltway pundits recoiling from Patricia Smith’s indictment of Hillary Clinton. Wait till those Black Lives Matter moms start talking, a couple said (I won’t link; you can Google). Watching the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and Sandra Bland praise Clinton’s fealty to Black Lives Matter, I hear no rancor, no excoriation of Donald Trump — it’s a reminder of how the Democratic Party and an essential component of its base aligning. That’s the difference, NRO. We want our minority citizens to feel “safe and respected,” says a police chief.

8:07. Tony Goldwyn is speaking. Why do I care about the guy who killed Patrick Swayze in Ghost?

8:02. I heard that the senior senator from Vermont made a motion to nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton by acclamation.

8:01. Sturdy when examining the numinous in rural life in films like Take Shelter and Mud, Jeff Nichols falters when filming the numinous; his approach is too poky, like he’s in a Sundance lab. That’s Midnight Special. Back to the convention.

6:14. New Jersey delegation nominated Hillary Clinton. Gonna watch Midnight Special instead.

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