RNC: How Donald Trump has lost — and won

I said at work a couple hours ago that Melania Trump’s plagiarism didn’t matter: it would move approximately zero voters into the Hillary Clinton camp. But “politically” doesn’t encompass the ways in which Meliana Trump’s offense was grievous. A campaign that has spent a year ridiculing Barack Obama’s achievements and a party that has defined him as illegitimate and fraudulent since January 2009 if not earlier — the avatar of this party let his wife deliver a speech that stole its most aspirational passages from the spouse of the man it has belittled for seven years. Worse, the man’s spouse is a black woman and a lawyer. A friend posted a complaint published in something called Current Affairs whose substance rested on questioning Michelle Obama’s use of the “right-wing rhetoric of self-reliance.” Reminds me of those straight friends who wonder why I, a homosexual, would want to get married, “this institution perhaps one should say enterprise” to quote Marianne Moore: look, if the Constitution and Declaration of Independence afford me the right to live a life as soporific as my straight pals’, then Michelle Obama can use rattling platitudes.

Finally, a word on a presidential convention at which Scott Baio, the president of the UFC, and Antonio Sabato, Jr. had the chance to throw thick blood-soaked cuts of meat at the audience. For a movement that prided itself on being outsiders and upsetting establishment types, allowing these people to risk the heckles from the Beltway commentariat means they’ve won. Grand Old Party, your future looks like the present. And that includes plagiarized texts.

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