Brexit: UK as ‘neoliberal hell’

Josh Marshall:

…A British exit from the EU would quite likely speed the path for a Scottish exit from the UK and create an increasingly awkward position for Northern Ireland. Even an eventual departure of Wales isn’t totally beyond question. To add to this irony, if Brexit is largely driven by older, economically left-behind working and middle class English (which polls suggest it is), an independent England would be a very, very tory state. So to whatever extent the EU is a neo-liberal hell, post-UK, post-EU England would be one in perpetuity. Only what used to be called the Celtic fringe keeps the UK somewhat anchored in social democracy.

There are various other reasons, Brexit strikes me as a very bad idea. Taken together though it seems like some sort of weird acid trip the British body politic is undergoing producing a flashback to earlier days as a great power.

The last point explains the number of Thatcher and Churchill references by commentators on the American right — as if either long dead personage would have known how to deal with the fallout; as if either conservative might have been this irrational. The Churchill analogy is delicious in other ways, for it was under his watch that the mighty British empire, with the encouragement of pal FDR, sputtered, convulsed, and died.

Good luck, European and British friends. Good luck to us all.

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