The Clinton email kerfuffle

So the Department of State’s inspector general released the report that FOX News and ratings-starved “Morning Joe” have anticipated since the New York Times broke the story fifteen months ago: Hillary Clinton did not keep the emails she received on the personal account for which she got no permission to use and didn’t bother asking permission to use; and she used a mobile device for official business.

As a result, Donald Trump can keep calling her Crooked Hillary without feeling guilty as he did today when he announced in a stage whisper that the DNC was grooming Joe Biden to replace Bernie Sanders. As a result, Mark Halperin can justify his existence for another few news cycles. And I’ve tried to look at the incident with same, ah, ire as my GOP brethren.

How I understand it:

* She violated State Department policy;
* I don’t doubt she may have wanted to blur the lines between personal and public email accounts;
* The concurrent FBI investigation has to show criminal intent to violate the policy;
* The State Department’s cybersecurity is so bad that AOL in 1996 had better fire walls.

From the report itself:

.OIG identified more than 90 Department employees who periodically used personal email accounts to conduct official business….OIG also reviewed an S/ES-IRM report prepared in 2010 showing that more than 9,200 emails were sent within one week from S/ES servers to 16 web-based email domains, including,, and….A former Director of Policy Planning wrote: “State’s technology is so antiquated that NO ONE uses a State-issued laptop and even high officials routinely end up using their home email accounts to be able to get their work done quickly and effectively

Is there something I’m missing? What is she alleged to have done other than to be devious about wanting to hide material? Even assuming the basest motives, the servers at State were so antiquated that it’s possible a cyber attack would have breached them anyway.

Readers know I supported Sanders in the Florida primary. I do not want Clinton as the Democratic nominee. But mistakes rise to the level of perfidy when the Clintons are involved. If anything, I resent the Clintons for consistently underestimating the enemies they claim they’re so adept at parrying. From firing White House travel office employees to lying to a grand jury about a blow job, she and her husband seem to expect exasperated allies and livid liberals to defend them.

This nonsense reminds me of 2007 when we learned the Bush administration was firing lawyers for not following orders. When Congress asked for them, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez said they’d been destroyed. We later learned that the Republican National Committee ran the server using the domain I wasn’t offended until the last part — imagine the croakings of doom had we learned Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s DNC was hosting Clinton’s communiques with Vladimir Putin. This fact adduced the conclusion that the Bush administration existed as a pantomime scripted by the RNC. But the public didn’t stir. It assumed this shit always happens.

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