Best films of 2015, part two

* Mad Max: Fury Road, dir. George Miller.


The claque was boisterous enough for me to consider omitting it, but rewatching it over the holiday break I marveled over its mad inventions, expert pace, and determination to treat Tom Hardy as if he weren’t human.

* Tangerine, dir. Sean S. Baker.

Not as uproarious as reviews suggested, this debut shot on smart phone gets by on its uproarious performances, especially ‎Kitana Kiki Rodriguez as the transgender hooker out for vengeance.

* Amour Fou, dir. Jessica Hausner.

The author of The Marquise of O couldn’t persuade women to become accomplices in suicide until he meets Henriette. This droll study of the post-Werther sensibility benefits from Jessica Hausner’s precise compositions. When a woman is supposed to complement floral arrangements and latticework, following a young drip into an early grave sounds fabulous.

* Aurora, dir. Rodrigo Sepulveda.

A middle-aged teacher finds a dead baby in a trash heap. Shaken, she petitions for the authority to bury the body before deciding it’s easier to adopt her. As of this writing, this fine Chilean drama, which made its domestic debut at the Miami International Film Festival last spring, has no American distributor.

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