Miami — part of the art installation

Other than the chance to watch the spectacle of Jamie XX and Four Tet’s often stirring electronic music getting co-opted by an international crowd of 1 percenters, Art Basel offers nothing to twentysomethings in Miami whose work isn’t getting exhibited. Free booze you can find at any gallery opening. Parking is a nightmare. The only “connections” you’ll make are directions to the toilets.

However, was anyone fortunate enough to have witnessed this?

A section of Art Basel Miami Beach was transformed into a crime scene after a fight escalated to a stabbing at the show’s main event inside the Miami Beach Convention Center on Friday night, police said.

Det. Kathleen Prieto, assistant public information officer for the Miami Beach Police Department, said a woman pulled an X-Acto knife and stabbed another woman in the arms and neck following an altercation.

“The injuries are non life-threatening,” Prieto said. The victim was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. The alleged assailant was arrested at the scene.

Both women were patrons of the art show, and not exhibitors. But the incident caused some confusion among those attending the show on Friday.

Some patrons thought the stabbing was a performance art presentation. Others believed the police tape cordoning an area of the convention center was part of an art installation.

The last sentence, too perfect to avoid citation in a dozen social media posts tonight, signifies Miami’s arrival in the art/design world. The affected anomie of the Warhol circle in the late sixties and early eighties transplanted to a county that needs a book fair to remind residents that people read.

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