Screenings #8

Imagine the embarrassment of having cocktails with a friend and watching a movie and the cloddish meat-carved head of Henry Kissinger appears on screen and you spill the drink. I felt like Bugs Bunny coughing out his carrot juice on learning he was drafted. Worse, “Dr. Kissinger” is presented in Last days of Vietnam as a sad sage, unchallenged and unrepentant. As an account of a story not often told – the ignominious departure of American embassy staff and the thousands of Vietnamese lucky enough to escape too – it’s not bad, but nowhere is it suggested that this was the only denouement possible. Poetic symmetry and history required it.

Straight Outta Compton (Gray, 2015) 6/10
Last Days of Vietnam (Kennedy, 2014) 6/10
Tom at the Farm (Dolan, 2008) 6/10
The High and the Mighty (Wellman, 1954) 2/10
* Sunrise (Murnau 1928) 10/10
* Simon of the Desert (Buñuel, 1966) 8/10

* Indicates at least a second viewing.

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