The death of the Netflix DVD?

I still request them. If you watch movies made before, say, 1990, there are more of them available on DVD. That’s a fact. This article chronicling how Netflix has adapted to the times fails to mention it. Maybe it’s implicit in the argument:

“What’s interesting is that although the business is in a slow decline, there is still a huge demand there,” Mr. Breeggemann said of the DVD side, noting that Netflix had about 93,000 titles on DVD and next-day delivery service for 92 percent of its subscribers.

At its peak, Netflix operated about 50 distribution centers across the country. Now that number is down to 33. The introduction of automation technologies has allowed the company to process more DVDs and expand service areas. Netflix also has reworked its schedule to sync with new delivery standards at the United States Postal Service.

“Yes, we still do DVDs,” Mr. Breeggemann said with a laugh, responding to a comment that many people were not aware that Netflix still provided discs. “It is a completely different company.”

It’s a remarkable state of affairs when physical objects have lost their power to charm. Once symbols of acquisition and middle class values, they have been replaced by high speed internet (I expect moving to be a less onerous step these days). I look at my DVD rack and imagine it as a fax machine.

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