The smack of firm government

This guy:

“I don’t think I would have changed anything,” he said in response to a questioner during a “Politics and Eggs” breakfast here Friday. “I stayed within the constitutional responsibilities or authority that I had. We changed the law first and then a year later it was ruled unconstitutional and then basically didn’t have the ability to do anything. The federal government then intervened and that was ruled unconstitutional. So, she starved to death.”

Diagnosed as in a persistent vegetative state, Schiavo, 41, died in April 2005 after a 15-year battle over her husband Michael’s decision to remove her feeding tube. Her parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, fought to keep her alive, a move that prompted Bush, the Florida legislature and Congress to pass laws intervening on their behalf. The legal process stretched from Florida courts to the federal judicial system, but her feeding tube was ultimately ordered removed.

. He has advice:

I think if we’re going to mandate anything from government, it might be that if you’re going to take Medicare that you also sign up for an advanced directive where you talk about this before you’re so disabled that then there’s fights amongst the family. I know for a fact that the Schindlers were more than happy to take over the care of this child. And I supported that.”

Oh, right, an “advanced directive” — death panels. Child. Terry Schiavo was an adult, a woman who like millions — like her husband –lacked the foresight to see the ghoulishness to which government could sink because their papers weren’t in order.

National Review hasn’t mentioned the Schiavo incident. No one else on the right has either in yet another sign of its depravity, although it’s possible that undergirding their suspicion of Bush is incidents like this of robust defiance of the law and order to which they owe fealty.

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