The derision of the fangirl

Thanks, Sandra Song, for reminding me of afternoons spent around crying men wracked with sobs over a home run:

The continual derision of the “fangirl” is damaging, it perpetuates the idea that girls act one way, and boys another. Within all of this, there are intrinsically sexist and ageist tropes at play, an all-too-derisive view of teenage females who are usually reduced to a pair of Ugg boots and a Starbucks Frappuccino with extra whip. She’s a veritable hodgepodge of misdirected, hormone-driven excitement that plays into the very Victorian idea of a “hysterical” female: the impulsive, borderline-psychotic one who lacks rationale and thinks only with her emotions. It’s the root of an insulting stereotype that is still used against female senators, lawyers and presidential candidates as a way of barring them entry to positions of power and prestige. After all, “crazy” has and will always be the go-to adjective for the “fangirl,” to the point where the two have become almost synonymous.

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