Punditocracy decay, part #1274

Michael Putney, longtime South Florida eminence, demonstrates how covering power turns pundits into vegetables. Check out the Harlequin novel prose:

Some members of the punditocracy wondered if Jeb Bush had lost his campaign chops since he hadn’t run for office in years. The answer is in and it’s obvious. He’s not only got ’em, he used ’em to chew up Mitt Romney.

Jeb’s shrewd, early and preemptive campaign moves drove Mitt to impetuously say he was seriously thinking about running again — third time’s the charm! — and then in the harsh light of day decide that he wouldn’t. It was a very good decision for the GOP and the nominating process. The real Mitt he promised to unleash — the proud Mormon — would have fared no better than the old one.

Note the slang. The masturbatory between-the-dashes use of cliche Putney must have thought an especially deft touch, the lithographer’s master stroke. Well, Michael Schiavo has an answer to the “doctrinaire liberals” twaddle that are the final refuge for hacks like Putney who think Both Sides do it, hence fair play:

Who is Putney referring to as the “doctrinaire liberals” who were horrified by the former governor’s intervention in my family’s trauma? The Republican Attorney General Charlie Crist, who refused to take up the governor’s crusade? Republican Senate President Jim King, who fought Bush on passage of “Terri’s Law?” Pinellas County Judge George Greer, a Republican and Southern Baptist, who looked at the evidence of my wife’s case before having his rulings tossed aside by a governor who never met her?

Schiavo not only got’em, he used’em to chew up Putney:

When his own family came under scrutiny, when his daughter was charged with illegally purchasing Xanax, he pleaded for privacy for his family — privacy that he never considered my family to be worthy of.

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