‘It gets to a point where we need to be able to protect ourselves.’

John Thrasher, soon to be Florida State University’s president, isn’t calling for guns on campus after last week’s ambush at the Strozier Library. It’s beyond personal, he said, in the pious tones of a newly converted zealot who sees differently because his empathy extends only to those in his circle. But good for him. However, he’s opposed:

“These shootings are happening all across the nation and you are seeing students die left and right,” said Erek Culbreath, the president of Students for Concealed Carry at FSU. “It gets to a point where we need to be able to protect ourselves.”

Culbreath called the response from FSU police “great,” but said an armed adult on the scene could have diffused the situation even faster.

He noted that most undergraduate students would not be able to carry on campus. Concealed-weapon permits are issued only to people who are 21 and older, unless the applicant has been honorably discharged from the military.

“These would be adults, who have the right training and background checks,” Culbreath said.

Yes, I think arming college students who can barely drink responsibly would have prevented what happened Nov. 20.

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