“It scares me a little bit”

You know those climate change articles, the ones showing Florida is gone in 50 years? Alton Road on Miami Beach is what I’ve got in mind. Here’s the proof:

The Florida Department of Transportation has torn up Alton Road to install three new pump stations, new inlets and piping to improve drainage and alleviate flooding. In addition, FDOT is trying to better understand the impact of sea level rise after a 2012 report prepared for the department by Florida Atlantic University warned that some roadways, bridges, airports and railways in Florida are vulnerable.

The FAU report did not mention Alton Road, but noted that major roads in the Dania Beach area are “potentially vulnerable” to sea level rise. The roads listed in the report include Federal Highway, A1A, Griffin Road, Stirling Road and Sheridan Street.

“FDOT is supporting adaptation planning and long-term understanding of the impacts of sea level change through research,” said Brian Rick, an FDOT spokesman in Miami.

Specifically, Rick added, FDOT has developed an application, in coordination with the University of Florida’s GeoPlan Center, to assess the impact of sea level change on roads. The tool is based on a research discipline known as Geographic Information System through which experts can obtain, store, analyze and display vast amounts of geographical data.

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