Will you swoon as I croon: the best of Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry

A romantic who will play the fool when required but will dissipate into the ionosphere if you don’t love like he does, Bryan Ferry is one of the few musicians who shaped me. I want to love like he does. Who can?

I won’t assay a coherent response. I’ve written thousands of words about him over the years. I’m most proud of “Debonair Lullabies,” an essay written for Stylus in 2007 tracing the roots of sophisti-pop in Bryan Ferry which limns Ferry’s art too. My preferences haven’t changed much since my epic 14-part Roxy chat with Scott Woods seven (!) years ago. I’m not suggesting Bete Noire or Boys and Girls rank with Stranded and Country Life; Ferry’s post-Avalon conception of what function his music would serve to his audience and himself changed in fascinating ways, though (and Taxi, Frantic, and Olympia each boast moments of invention and wit).

Roxy Music

1. Re-Make/Re-Model
2. Just Another High
3. Same Old Scene
4. All I Want is You
5. Mother of Pearl
6. Serenade
7. More Than This
8. Editions of You
9. Over You
10. Out of the Blue
11. To Turn You On
12. Dance Away
13. Beauty Queen
14. Psalm
15. Could It Happen to Me?
16. Casanova
17. Avalon
18. True to Life
19. Street Life
20. Amazona
21. Prairie Rose
22. The Main Thing
23. If There is Something
24. Do the Strand
25. Nightingale
26. Manifesto
27. Both Ends Burning
28. Strictly Confidential
29. In Every Dream World a Heartache
30. Pyjamarama

Bryan Ferry

1. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
2. Sign of the Times
3. Help Me
4. The “In” Crowd
5. Don’t Stop The Dance
6. Don’t Worry Baby
7. Reason or Rhyme
8. The Price of Love
9. All Tomorrow’s Parties
10. Can’t Let Go
11. Slave to Love
12. A Fool for Love
13. Hiroshima
14. Heartache by Numbers
15. Kiss & Tell
16. This is Tomorrow
17. The Name of the Game
18. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
19. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
20. Loop de Li

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