Singles 5/31

I’ve gotten pretty good at ratings, so I’m embarrassed to admit I’d bump “Dirty Laundry” up to a 7 now: over the sparest, hookiest The-Dream arrangement in years, Rowland embraces the psychodrama like an middling actress instructed to keep her effects simple. She’s touching.

As for the rest, I haven’t seen such a run of average results since the post-Lincoln/pre-Teddy presidents.

Click on links for full reviews.

Beyoncé – Grown Woman (7)
David Bowie – The Next Day (7)
Gerardo Ortiz – Dámaso (6)
Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith – La La La (6)
T-Ara N4 – Countryside Life (6)
Kelly Rowland – Dirty Laundry (5)
Busta Rhymes – Twerk It (5)
Solange ft. Kendrick Lamar – Looks Good With Trouble (5)
Mark Owen – Stars (5)
Dizzee Rascal ft. Robbie Williams – Goin’ Crazy (5)
Shiina Ringo – Irohanihoheto (5)
Nine Muses – Wild (5)
B*Witched – Love and Money (5)
Gold Panda – Brazil (5)
Bruno Mars – Treasure (4)
Kenny Chesney ft. The Wailers & Elan – Spread the Love (3)

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