“When is Record Store Day going to put a store out of business?”

I got a mint condition vinyl copy of Joni Mitchell’s Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter last year. In 2010 No Age gave an intense little performance at Sweatstock. Beyond those two phenomena I skip Record Store Day. This WaPo article documents some of the headaches for owners:

…no record store is forced to participate and that the organization encourages store owners to be judicious when it comes to the stock they order. “We always tell stores, ‘If you don’t feel like your customer base is going to want this title, please don’t bring it in.’ ”

That sounds sensible, but it also clashes with the evangelical mission at the heart of Record Store Day. If the idea is to remind a Rolling Stones fan that vinyl not only still exists but that there’s a shop in your neighborhood where you can buy it, that shop needs to stock that Rolling Stones limited-edition seven-inch single to convert the newbies into regulars.

But local shop owners say that isn’t happening. In addition to “flippers” — those scoundrels who snap up the most-coveted records and run home to resell them for a profit on eBay — most Record Store Day visitors treat the day as an annual pilgrimage and won’t be back until next April.

“Sure, it’s a great day for record stores,” says Harkavy at Red Onion. “But there are 364 other days.”

The owner of an Adams Morgan record shop in DC says profits are minimal. “It brings people out, but it’s basically a wash. You’re buying for one day what you would buy over the course of one year,” Daly says. “A lot of people wonder, ‘When is Record Store Day going to put a store out of business?’”

All the best, though, to Lauren Reskin of our own Sweat Records. Miami, land of interestingly colored strip malls and chains, sports a damn good scene.

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