ILM regular fact checking cuz: “‘i’ve had to work much harder than this for something i want, don’t try to resist me’ sounds like madonna’s career objectives on paper, but on record it sounds like the most beautifully relentless/desperate/confident love song ever.” Perhaps that’s why my karaoke version was a bomb five years ago? Never mind the physical demands — unsnarling the emotional ones would tax a belting amateur like yours truly.

This poll reminded me an essential truth: I may have spent more times discussing Bowie, Roxy Music, Spoon, the Go-Betweens, Ghostface, or Pet Shop Boys, but were I to learn that Madonna died in a plane crash tomorrow it would be the first shattering celebrity death I’d feel.

I don’t take these ballots any more seriously than a couple of guys at a bar ranking Big Ten teams or whatever.

My ballot:

1. Open Your Heart
2. Burning Up
3. Live To Tell
4. Angel
5. Lucky Star
6. Deeper and Deeper
7. Hung Up
8. Bad Girl
9. Words
10. Love Tried To Welcome Me
11. Vogue
12. Till Death Do Us Part
13. Take a Bow
14. Sky Fits Heaevn
15. Thief of Hearts
16. Keep It Together
17. Crazy For You
18. Like a Prayer
19. Gambler
20. Don’t Tell Me